Thursday, June 11, 2015

Online Smart Board Summer Course and School's Out FREEBIES!

Now that school is out- it's time for an online course! :)
I am an advanced 14+ year Smart Board user, but I highly recommend this self-paced course. I will complete the course by the end of June, but it has already made me more mindful about creating Smart Board lessons. I am inspired to create many new lessons :) If you take this course, you will learn how an effective whiteboard lesson posses the following 5 characteristics. 

Click HERE to view the online courses. 
The Medina County Schools' Educational Service Center provides staff development opportunities primarily for teachers and educators. Although our target online audience is the midwest, previous students have been located in many other states and Europe. The combination of high-quality instruction from ed2go, along with the opportunity to earn university credit, successfully meets the needs of teachers who are required to earn semester hours in order to renew their teaching licenses.

I've got my bags packed and I am headed to Sanibel! 

I've only read the 1st chapter of this book, and I am so excited! 

These books are making my carry-on quite heavy! 
Here are a few School's Out FREEBIE packs that I created to help next year's students produce, expand, rearrange sentences. Enjoy your summer!

More to come soon!
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