Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Move over Elf on the Shelf, Here comes Hide-and-Hug Olaf!

Let the inferencing begin!
 Olaf won't let Ohio winter weather get me down!
2 years of Elf on the Shelf in the Classroom was a blast, but I was so happy to find Olaf @ Walmart tonight! It will be a fun new way to get through the winter months and Holidays!

Olaf's Tag so no one else touches him! 
He will be hiding in our big building. 
Students will read clues to find him each morning! 
Clue #1
We found clue words and used what we knew to make predictions.  Water fountain, Teacher Lounge Refrigerator,

Milk Cooler, Pepsi Cooler. Water Fountain and Teacher Lounge were ruled out because they did not match all the clues! 

The vote was 18 milk cooler and 3 Pepsi Cooler! Great predictions Team Newell!

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  1. Awesome idea! I have an Olaf already and will definitely be trying this out. Thanks!

  2. Let me know how you are doing! Maybe I could use some of your clues! My kids are loving it already!

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