Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kahoot is a Hoot!

Hello!  This is Julie from The Hip Teacher to share a great tool for making assessments fun.  I am using it for vocabulary review for our math and reading EOG tests, and the students love it!  Burnt out with all of our testing review, I decided to try something different.

To review our geometry vocabulary, I created a quiz on Kahoot!  This was on a list of review suggestions from our curriculum director.  I made a 10-question review and did it with my students today, and they LOVED it!  As soon as we finished, they asked about doing it again!  Here's what it involves:

First, you sign up for a FREE account and make a multiple choice quiz (there are other choices of things that you can create, but I only tried the quiz).  Go to GetKahoot.com.  Creating a quiz literally took me minutes since I was not adding any pictures, links, or videos.  The quiz is saved in your account, but you can email a link to yourself or others.

Kahoot can be used with laptops, tablets, or smartphones.  Our third graders have laptops, so they opened Safari and went to kahoot.it

 I have the screen above displayed on my SmartBoard, and students enter the pin when they get to the sign-in screen.
As students log in and enter a name, it will appear on your screen. It also shows the number of students that are taking the quiz.

When you start the quiz, the question appears on your SmartBoard.  The answer choices are labeled with a color and symbol.  Students then click on the matching color/symbol on their device.  Students earn more Kahoot points if they answer quickly.

Once everyone has submitted answers, the program will show the correct answer and a graph of how many students chose each one. 

The students are given immediate feedback for their answer.  

The top 5 students are then displayed on your SmartBoard.

There are many other features on Kahoot that I have not explored yet, but I know that you can download your students' scores.  There is also a link to public Kahoots that other teachers have created.

My students and I are enjoying this new program.  Have fun Kahooting!

I am still very new with this tool, but I am already hooked.  I can't wait to see what else it can do.  I have used our SmartResponse/Senteo clickers before and was always frustrated with this process.  This seemed easy-peasy compared to that.
                                                              Happy Kahooting! Pin It

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  1. Our teachers played Kahoot to get to know Kahoot! Kahoot has been an enduring, engaging tool in our high school classrooms! http://ipaddiction.blogspot.com/2014/03/get-kahoot-engaging-effective.html