Sunday, April 20, 2014

Simple but Effective!

Hi, I am Teresa from Technology with Class and I wanted to share an app with you that I use multiple ways everyday.  It is super simple, but makes my life so much easier!  I team it up with Siri and it is even better.

OK, are you ready to learn what this great FREE app is that you already have??  It is your clock!

So here is how I use this often overlooked app, it is for so much more than just checking the time!

I start my day off everyday with this app, I use it as my alarm clock.  To answer your question, yes!  Even if you have your phone on silent while you are sleeping, the alarm still sounds.  You can also set it to repeat or remember your most frequently used times.  You can select the sound you wish to use.  No more waking up to the annoying, loud alarm sound.  There is a snooze button too!

The alarm isn't just for waking up in the morning!  I have one set to remind my daughter to take her medicine.  I have another one set with a different tone to remind me to have the class line up for lunch and specials.  It is great for keeping you on schedules.

The stopwatch on the clock app is super easy to use.  I have my students use it to time fluency with one another.  It is so easy even K/1 kiddos can do it.  No more confusing stopwatches!

The timer function of the clock app is probably one of my favorite features.  I use it to time center rotations in the classroom.  This keeps me from getting off track and so engrossed with my small group that my 15 minute center turns into a 30 minute rotation.

I recently used the timer function when I sent a small group of students on a shape scavenger unt around the school.  I set the timer for 12 minutes to run in the background.  They used the iPad mini to take pictures of all the shapes they found and knew to come back when the alarm sounded.  It worked perfectly and every group made it back.

I have recently started using Siri to set my timer for me.  All I do is hold down the button and say "Set timer for 15 minutes" and she does it.  Siri listens way better than my tween daughters; she doesn't say "why", "in a minute"or huff!  You have to love Siri!

Need help improving your time management?  There's an app for that, and you already have it!

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  1. Great idea! I use it all the time as an alarm to wake me...why on Earth didn't I think of this? :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. I love this. I do have those small group lessons that I lose track of the time and NEED this reminder. Thanks!