Monday, March 24, 2014

What Does the Fox Say? Lessons inspired by You Tube and iTunes

I'm sure you know the silly song:
 "What Does the Fox Say?".... Right?
It is by Ylvis. 
Here is the You Tube video:

I was inspired to create lessons using this song because one of my students blurted, "What does the fox say?" during one of my math lessons. A few others joined in. I was annoyed at first.  I even remember rudely saying, "I don't care what the fox says right now.... I want you to care what I am saying about this regrouping problem!"
So I went home that night and decided that
I was a jerk and planned to use it to my advantage! So here is my "What Does the Fox Say?"Pack!
Here are a few pages: 
Pack is 60 pages

Fact and Opinion Sort 

Common and Proper Noun Sort 

We used 3 versions of this song purchased from iTunes on our Apple TV! 


We practiced the lyrics, learned about craft and structure and used the rhythm of the songs for our President Project called "What Does the President Say?"

Who knew a silly fox song could help 2nd graders learn about CRAFT AND STRUCTURE!

A silly fox song motivated students to develop their own multi-step 2-digit addition and 2 -digit subtraction problems!

I wrote new lyrics for our own song called, "What Does the President Say?" 
I hope you enjoy the 2 videos. 

Group 1 

Group 2
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