Wednesday, February 19, 2014

PD in Your PJs

As I was reading Scholastic Instructor today, I came across a catchy headline - "PD in your PJs". It seemed very fitting for this week, since we had an institute day just yesterday. 

I think what we can all agree upon is that we want PD that inspires us and meets our needs as educators. "That's the beauty of the Internet: Instead of spending your PD sessions poking at stale bagels and discussing irrelevant topics, you can curl up with your laptop and seek out training that matters to you."  So, whether professional development typically inspires you or leaves you wanting more, here are some resources that can give you a daily dose of PD.

Twitter: 10 Ways Teachers Can Use Twitter for Professional Development
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I also can't wait to watch the #ICE14 (Illinois Computing Educators) tweets next week during the conference!

Offers free MOOC's (Massive Open Online Course) such as "Student Thinking at the Core" and "Teaching Character and Promoting Positive Classrooms".

Free social and professional network that offers webinars.

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One of my favorites! Blogs, videos, articles, and more. 

"EdReach provides a platform for passionate, outspoken educators, aiming to strengthen their voices by highlighting innovation in the field of education, through the reporting of critical educational news and providing commentary and criticism on the educational issues of the day."

Happy learning!

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  1. Great post! Thank You = )