Wednesday, January 1, 2014

FREE Spelling App and FREE Accountability Activity Sheets

NOTE: This is the *FREE* version of My Spelling Test. Most of the functionality from the full version has been included so you can evaluate this educational app.

Do you want your child to be a better speller? Imagine your kids begging you to practice for their next spelling test. This app is like creating your own spelling bee and is a great way to save time on homework. This app has been proven to improve student's spelling tests scores or spelling grades.
* Practice the same words you get in homework. It's like creating your own spelling bee. With My Spelling Test, you create the test and decide which words to add.
* Create A Test
- Choose the name for your test
- Then add words to the test.
- For each word, you type the word and record yourself saying the word.

* Take A Test
- Listen to the word you need to spell
- Spell the word in the input box.
- See instantly if you spelled the word correctly before going to the next word.

* See Scores
- Each time you take a test, you will know which words you got right and which ones you got wrong.
- You can see your child's improvement with each test.
- Even if you don't watch your child take the test, you can see which words he or she got wrong afterwards.

* Email Results
- You can even email the results after taking a test if you want to share it with teachers or your parents.


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  1. Hey! This looks absolutely great! I just downloaded the sheets from TPT and I'll also be grabbing this app to try out with my Thirdies! Thanks for sharing your time and talent on this!

  2. U r Welcome! Have a great break to catch up and redo all my Accountability Sheets :)

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