Sunday, January 5, 2014

Analogies 4 Kids App and FREE Accountability Activity Sheets

Strength Visual Awareness, Problem Solving, Analytical Thinking and Perception with Analogies 4 Kids App!
99 cents

Analogy questions are often asked in gifted and talented programs. Our newest creation "Analogy" app (to challenge young minds on their cognitive skills), plays a significant role in analytical thinking, problem solving, perception, spatial skills, memory, and creativity. They are often seen on IQ and placement tests as well. 
This app contains:
* 450 Analogy questions
* 3 difficulty levels
* Picture Analogies
* Word Analogies
Levels have been carefully chosen. This app is ideally suited for home and classroom use. The picture based analogies take geometry, spatial concepts and present to kids so that he/she can decipher the relationship between pictures. The word based analogies have different kinds of relationships (sameness, or opposites or parent/child etc).
We believe this app can help your kid tremendously.


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