Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Keep On and Tech On with Keep Calm-o-Matic Image Generator

Keep Calm and Carry On  - who has not seen this popular slogan! They are the trend of popularity with personalized versions at every turn!  But did you know there really is a history to this slogan?

Keep Calm and Carry On was the third in a series of World War 2 posters drawn up by the UK Ministry of Information in order to boost the morale of the British people by passing on a message from King George VI.

…After one of the original posters was recovered and placed in a British bookshop in 2000, the inspirational message was shared online, sparking a series of image macros centered around the phrase  template “Keep Calm and X”.

With that being said, I stumbled across this site...with Keep Calm-o-Matic Image Generator. This user-friendly Web 2.0 app, allows one to personalize by providing options to upload your own graphic, change both the color of the background and font! It also provides many alternatives to save from a jpeg, pdf to a Facebook cover page to computer desktop wallpaper. How cool is that!

How could this be used in the classroom?
· Character traits/values, anti-bullying, achievement slogans
· Slogan a character from a book would create
· Slogan for a topic/concepts of study
· Classroom management
· Springboard for possible writing activities

Please note…No log in or sign up is needed to utilize this site…However, you do have to log in to download the image. By logging in, you may also make these graphics private. Also know, even though the site requests for nothing inappropriate, it does contain a gallery so please be mindful of possible inappropriate slogans.


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