Saturday, November 16, 2013

Using Augmented Reality in the Classroom

This is Kristin from iTeach 1:1 popping in to show you a couple of ways I’ve used augmented reality in my classroom this year.

We recently completed a biography unit for which my students researched famous Americans and wrote five paragraph biographical essays.  They attached a photo to their essays to serve as the trigger for their auras.  The overlay was a video they recorded speaking in the first person about their famous American.  Click the video below to see an aura of Barack Obama.

Since our biography project was such a hit, I decided to create an interactive bulletin board/science center on animal adaptations.  I used pictures and videos I took from a recent field trip to our local zoo.  Each animal's picture triggers a video I took while at the zoo.  The students' task was to watch the videos on the iPads and record the adaptations (physical and/or behavioral) they observed.  As a challenge/extension, they could write an essay comparing and contrasting two of the animals' habitats.  Click the video below to see a couple of the auras in action.

For both projects, I used Aurasma, which is a free and user-friendly app.  If you’re interested in trying Aurasma, check out Matt Gomez’s tutorial to help you get started. 

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  1. We had a bit of concern over what the kids could access using Aurasma (due to what some people have linked to various objects) but I like the bold fearlessness of your class. If a teacher has great classroom management, then kids get excited about using the tech and staying on task.
    Thanks for sharing!