Monday, September 16, 2013

iReady, Ear buds, and Jeans

This is our 1st year using iReady. 
Students will take the online diagnostic 3 times per year on Chromebooks. Our district purchased many Chromebook carts that classrooms share. Students recently finished the 1st test and teachers are learning how to enable intervention lessons to the students who are NOT on level. 
We had to get creative with ear phones. Many of the classroom shared headphones, but I found $1.00 ear buds at The Dollar Tree. They were easy to clean with Lysol wipes. We will add them to our classroom supply list next year! 
Students can store earbuds in our new jean chair pockets!

I can't believe I owned so many pairs of jeans!
Ha! That's a joke! This girl LOVES clothes!
Now I need to buy a new pair to wear!
 I previously purchased chair pockets from REALLY GOOD STUFF, but they lasted ONLY 1 year. They ripped and were hard to wash. I hope these jean pockets last for many many years! 

Students put data binders and all folders in pocket.

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  1. What a great example of how to reuse jeans! I was contemplating an earbud purchase at Deal$. I am glad to learn that they clean easily. Do they work well? We received a grant for some iPads so we will need more headphones/ear buds than I was anticipating. It is a good problem! :)

  2. Those are the cutest chair pockets I have ever seen! How creative!! Thanks for sharing :)
    The Techie Teacher