Thursday, September 19, 2013

How do you Introduce iPads to your Classroom?

How do you introduce iPads to your class? I spent a lot of time the first two weeks of school helping teachers and students get familiar with the iPads. I like to use a few introductory lessons and allow students to get acquainted with some of the core apps that will be used throughout the year. Some of my favorite core apps are:
 Educreations & Showbie
iBooks & iTunes U

Learn Zillion & Make a Scene (Farmyard)

Pic Collage & Popplet

Puppet Pals 1 & 2
LOVE Book Creator

If you'd like to learn how we introduced our iPads click on the picture below to download my introductory lessons and see examples of what our students created!

How do you introduce iPads to your students? What are your favorite core apps?

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