Monday, September 30, 2013

GarageBand, Dr. Dre Beats Pill, Character Education Song

I have seen awesome posts about integrating GarageBand into the classroom, but this post is JUST a simple way to use it in your classroom :)
 We just use GarageBand mostly to record ourselves while reading for fluency checks or to record songs that we learn to help us practice skills such as nouns, synonyms, math etc! 
We share the songs to my iTunes account which
are then put on class iPads/iPods to listen to and to practice. I use my Dr. Dre Beats Pill to connect to my iPhone, computer or iPad via-BLUE TOOTH to play the music! No cords and I can place the speaker ANYWHERE!
Dr. Dre Beats Pill
I also play the songs during transition times and before we go home!

For those of you who purchased my Bucket Friend Pack will understand the character education song Bucket Friend! Here is the link to the FREE DOWNLOAD to one of my students singing the Bucket Friend song that was made using GarageBand! Now you don't have to hear ME- Ms. Pitchy!
Click HERE for previous Bucket Friend Posts!

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