Friday, September 6, 2013

Bucket Friend and Team Newell

Team Newell singing a Bucket Friend song @ our Bucket Filler Assembly. I am very proud of my students for being brave enough to sing on stage after learning the song in just 1 week & 1/2! We will continue to improve our singing voices while filling buckets each day! Hope your enjoy!

Excited to announce my Bucket Friend Pack!

This pack is full of activities to use to enrich your Bucket Filling Units. 
(64 pages)
Here is a sneak peek:
Sample Lyric Page 

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Character Education Apps to Share:
★The 9 New Original Stories in 1!
★Building Moral Character in Your Children!
$4.99 Ipad App
Can't wait to read these the 1st weeks of school!

A great way to learn to reading and manners at the same time! Kids will love this interactive mini-book & digital toy. Join cute characters at dinner, the playground, and classroom as they learn sharing, kindness and respect. Choose voice-over mode, music mode or silence. For ages 3 to 7

Manners are to be taught. When children are very young, they want to do anything you ask. We have to grab the opportunity to teach appropriate behavior. When children are polite, kind and honest, they develop character -- and also make their parents look good!


Rosalind is not your typical princess. She and her pet dragon, Sparkler, are very rude. "What's the big deal with manners anyway?" the princess asks. Appalled by their behavior, the queen banishes the impolite pair from her castle until they find Good Manners. 

Little Critter was so mad because no matter what he wanted to do everyone was telling him no. He wanted to keep frogs in the tub but his mom said he couldn't. He wanted to paint the house but his Grandpa said no. He was SO mad. In his frustration he decided to pack his wagon and run away. . . But when he runs into his friends, he's reassured that even the worst days can be salvaged with a little help from your friends.

Have a great year!

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  1. Awwww-what a great performance! I love what you did with the song. We do bucket fillers-I'll have to share it with my kiddos! :)


    1. What I loved most is they do not know they are off key or mumbled the words- they were smiling ear to ear. So proud to get on stage! You should have seen all the high fives they got from peers after the performance. Their buckets were full!

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