Monday, September 23, 2013

4 Apps to Teach Procedural Writing

A couple of years ago, I created lessons to teach "how-to" writing using a Halloween theme. What better way to teach procedural writing than by creating Halloween crafts and making Halloween treats! However, this year as I dusted off my old lesson plans, I started thinking about all of the
cool apps I could use to teach procedural writing. So here are four apps that are sure to keep your students engaged in the writing process as they learn about procedural text.

1. Snapguide - This is my favorite of the apps to teach procedural text because it scaffolds the students through the process of using the text structure. Students can add the materials list as well as pictures, video, and text right from the app as they are creating their craft. Here are a few screenshots of what the completed guide looks like online. Notice there is even a place for students to write their own convincing sentence at the start of the guide. Perfect for procedural text structure!

Check out How to Make a Vampire Craft by Jennifer Kimbrell on Snapguide.

2. ThingLink - ThingLink helps you create and discover images by adding video, music, text, and images. I think the best way to use this app for working with procedural text is to allow students to take pictures and video as they create the craft. Then they can create their ThingLink. Of course, you can add video and pictures within the app but I would want my picture I'm linking from to to be the finished product.

3. Book Creator - Have students create their own ePub. Book Creator is one of my favorite apps to use. Students can take pictures, video, and record themselves as they are creating the craft. The cool thing about using Book Creator would be if students were creating multiple crafts then all of the crafts could go into one book. Even if students created a ThingLink or a Snapguide, a hyperlink could be added to the ePub and students would have a book that could be shared with others of ALL of the crafts they made. Here are a couple of pages from the book I created as a model for my students:

This is a great idea! Use Book Creator for students to create how-to writing booklets.

This is a great idea! Use Book Creator for students to create how-to writing booklets.

4. Pic Stitch - Use this app to create a collage with pictures to show how you created the craft. I've played with this app before but didn't really remember having all of the cool effects you can add to your photos.

Use Pic Stitch to teach procedural writing.

If you would like more information about how to teach procedural writing to your students I'd love for you to head on over to my blog and check out the Freebie.

How do you teach procedural writing to your students? I'd love to hear from you!

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