Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Movie Making Made Easy with.... Youtube?

One of my favorite activities at the beginning of the school year is movie making.

In the past, I have always used iMovie- which works well, but can be VERY time consuming, so today I am excited to share a great resource with you:

Did you know that you can actually CREATE movies in Youtube?

In the browser version, simply create/login to your Youtube account and click on Upload.

Once the browser has loaded, you will have several options for creating videos:

Once you have created a video- either a slideshow, a webcam capture, or a Google Hangout broadcast, you can edit the video in YouTube's Video Editor. 

This is AWESOME! For those of you who do not have iMovie, some of the same capabilities are available for free in the YouTube Video Editor screen. You can edit clips, add audio, and string videos together.

Also, in case you haven't seen it, there is an app that does something similar!

YouTube Capture is a free app that is currently available in the iTunes App Store and in Google Play. With YouTube Capture, you can create quick videos using the camera on your device.

The app has many great sharing features and it is really easy to adjust the color, trim the clip, stabilize
your video, and add music!

Once you login to the app using a Google account, (a step that you can bypass), you can begin! To start recording, you just have to click the red record button.

Once you have finished recording, you can use the in-app editing features. You can stabilize, adjust the color, and trim the clip all from within the app. You can even add YouTube's music tracks as a soundtrack to your video.

I was playing around with this app- forgive the awesome hair- and it will be great to make videos for my students, classroom website, or even quick tutorials. It's GREAT! I love that you can select the upload type from within the app- either private, unlisted, or public- before you click upload.

If you choose not to upload the videos to YouTube or share on social media, you can still utilize this application in the classroom. The videos that you create are saved to your device's camera roll.

It's a great tool to play around with!

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  1. THANKS KATE!! You always keep me on the edge of technology!

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