Thursday, August 8, 2013

Getting Your Students Started with iPads FREEBIE

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The beginning of the year is quickly approaching, and I know many of us are lucky enough to have iPads in the classroom! 

At the beginning of the school year, I like to get my students acquainted with the iPads by doing short, and simple projects. 

One function of the iPad that my students use constantly throughout the day is the camera, so I want to make sure they understand how to use it (not that it's hard; but taking the time to make sure they're comfortable with it now will make my life much easier in the future.) So, I have them do the 'iPad Camera' project so they can "get to know" their camera. It's basically a checklist of steps to move through and includes taking pictures of their friends (and we have a big discussion about how it's always polite to ask someone permission before you take their photo), flipping the camera to take a picture of themselves, using the video function, deleting photos, and creating an album in Photos. These are all things that my students are going to need to know how to do later on, so this project is quick, easy, and fun for them! 

The second project I have the students complete is the 'All About My Friend' project. Students interview a friend, and then use Keynote to create a presentation to share with the class about their new friend. I want the kids to learn to use Keynote for future projects, AND this activity takes the place of the "Me Bags" I used to do. This project is pretty straight forward, but does take a little bit of time for new 2nd graders. I always have my students complete the outline first, since an outline always leads to a better quality final project. 

I also included some friendly reminders for this project:

It's always interesting to see the kids learn to navigate Keynote and learn about all of the things it can do. An important question I find myself asking is "How does this enhance your project and purpose?" In other words, do those 5 minute flames in conjunction with dog barking sounds at every single transition really help your purpose...???  

Feel free to download the projects over at my blog! I'd also LOVE to hear how you get your students started on iPads! 

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  1. OMG! I absolutely love this idea and am going to steal it! I usually do a boring interest inventory on paper, but this year I wanted to do something with the iPads. This will be the perfect combination of both. I want my students to get comfortable with screencasting apps such as Educreations and Explain Everything, so I think I will have them create their friend presentation in one of those instead of Keynote. Thanks so much for the great idea!

  2. My district has purchased Kuno tablets , so I will be learning how to use them along with my students. Do you know anything about them? I am more familiar with with the IPad. Do you know if the programs you recommend would work with them? Thanks for your help!!

  3. I am so excited to share this with my staff! I am a K-4 technology teacher and think this is a fun project to do with classroom buddies. Thank you for such a great resource!