Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School Mobile Device Agreement & iPod Cart RELOAD!

iPod Cart is ready to go! 
30 iPods are loaded & cloned!
This is my 3rd year managing over 50 iPods! I manage the iPod cart for my classroom and an iPod cart at a different elementary school in my district. 
Please visit my blog throughout the school year to view how we use each app and download my FREE iPod and iPad direction sheets for each app.   
We had a few issues last year with students NOT following directions so we have an
Mobile Device User Agreement Form this year. 

Page 1= Reference and Creation Apps

Page 1
These are the photo and video apps students use for writing creations!

Page 1
These are the apps that students use for reward at the end of the week or if they complete the iPod activity of the day. 

Page 1
These are the drawing apps that students use for writing activities.

Page 1
These are the reference apps that students use for  daily activities like WORD OF THE DAY. 

Page 1
These are the writing apps that students use for projects throughout the year. 

Page 2 = Reading & Language

Page 2 iBooks
There are MANY FREE books!  
Page 2 Spelling
These are the spelling apps that students use to practice spelling words. 

Page 2 Fluency
These are the fluency apps students use to hear what fluent readers sound like and to record/time themselves to become more fluent!
Page 2 Compare
These are the story apps that students use to compare different versions of the same story!
Page 2 Comprehension
These are the apps students used for comprehension. They read and take quizzes and then take screenshots of results and email me. I use for comprehension grades. 
Page 2 Listening
These are the apps students use to practice listening skills. 
Page 2 Interesting
Students use these apps for special projects.
Page 2 Review
There are several apps, but these are the 2 apps that I chose to practice sight words!

Page 3 = Math

Page 3 Challenge
These are the apps students use for math challenge!

Page 3 Tangrams
These are the apps students use to practice using tangrams. 

Page 3 Patterns
These are the apps students use to practice patterning!

Page 3 Money
These are the apps students use to practice money skills!

Page 3 Time
These are the apps students use to practice telling time. 

Page 3 Facts
These are the apps students use to practice math facts!

Page 3 Ten
These are the apps students use to practice the # TEN & base ten!

Page 4 = High
This page is for students who need a challenge!

Page 4
These are the apps for students who need challenged in a variety of ways. 
My higher students have a Google Drive account the Google Drive App allows them to access their documents ect. 

Page 4 Create
These apps are loaded but will not be used until after Christmas. 

We will start using iPods next week! All students must have turned in the Mobile Device User Agreement before using the iPods! I only have a few students who have not returned them! Can't wait! 
I will be working on my iPads this weekend!
Visit back to see screenshot of my iPads!
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  1. Yowza! This is SO helpful. Thanks for taking the time to post it. I have 10 ipads in my first grade classroom. I am always looking for suggestions on management and great apps. This post helped a lot!

    1. Glad it helped! Do you have your students take screenshots of the scores from apps and email them to you? If you don't this has been the BEST thing ever! It makes students accountable! I set up 1 iPod how I want it- with all the apps and email address (example- Then I restore all my iPods to factory settings. After that, I clone the rest of the iPods to the "back up" of the 1st iPod. Then all the iPods are the same and the email is too. Then kids do NOT mess with log in or password. I do the same for my 5 iPad minis!

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