Monday, July 1, 2013

Single iPad Classroom? No Problem with Futaba

Are you a teacher in a single iPad classroom?

I am- though, I have access to a mobile iPad lab regularly- and it can be challenging to think of ways to effectively utilize a single iPad in the classroom.

In my classroom, I utilize the iPad in a center rotation. Sometimes the students complete a QR code activity, other times they watch a video and respond, but now- they'll be playing lots and lots of Futaba.

Futaba is a single or multi-player app for the iPad that allows students to match either an image or text-based problem to the correct answer. Up to four students can participate in the game at one time. The lite version- which is available for free in the app store- comes preloaded with over 100 different questions and activities for your students to complete.

The Classroom Edition, at $6.99, boasts a robust, searchable database of activities and the ability to create your own questions.

Stop by my blog, Purely Paperless, for a quick tutorial and some details on how I use this amazing app in my classroom! Be sure to join in the fun for my July App-a-Day series.

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  1. I've used the lite version quite a few times. I love that it can hold four kids at once.

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