Friday, July 26, 2013

Kick Off the School Year with Evernote

As we are getting closer and closer to a new school year, I always find myself reflecting on what was successful in the past and what drove me absolutely crazy! Using my personal feedback from those two questions, I begin to plan and strategize for the coming year.

Last year was a big year for me professionally. I discovered Evernote. I spent hours figuring out tricks for the system and finding ways to automate my online existence and move my classroom management routines into the cloud.

Many of you are probably familiar with Evernote, but may not be aware of all that it has to offer.

Did you know-

  • Evernote is available on any operating system and offers iOS and Android apps?
  • You can share individual notes or notebooks with anyone?
  • You can set reminders within a note to help you keep track of actions that you need to complete?
  • Each account comes with an email address through which you can easily add content to your Evernote- this is great for all of those student projects... just send them to your Evernote email!

I blog about my use of Evernote pretty frequently, so I thought that I would share a quick resource that I have put together on my blog. Check out how to create notes, notebooks, checklists, student portfolios, and more in Evernote!

Be sure to stop by my blog, Purely Paperless, and checkout how to make Evernote work for you!

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  1. Kate,

    I'm going 1:1 this school year and trying to figure out the best workflow for saving graded work of students in a electronic portfolio that they'll be able to use for reflection and goal setting, plus share with their parents. I'm considering google drive, Evernote, etc. Any suggestions? It's getting confusing and I feel like I'm running out of time to figure this out. Thanks!

  2. Hi Deb,

    I think it depends upon your preference. I like Evernote because it's so easy to add notes and information. I just created a notebook for each of my students and saved their completed/graded work to that folder. You can share them within an app on your iPad and via email.

    Google Drive would be easy to use- especially if you are working at Google school. Does your school use Google Apps for Education? With that you can add voice comments and more. It is definitely a good tool! I prefer Evernote simply because my students are not permitted to have Google accounts until fourth grade. I might change my mind if that were to change.

    Another option to consider is Edmodo. I have been using Edmodo a lot over the past few months and I think that it would be an interesting tool to consider. I am not sure that they have a designated "portfolio" system, but I have read about people that are able to make something work. I haven't tried it though. I do like that it is a little more structured on the teacher end. I know who has handed in work and who hasn't. I don't have to keep track of it.

    A final option to look at is Three Ring. This is the other option that I am considering this year. I tried it out last year, but I didn't like the mobile app feature on my iPad because the student work samples appeared grainy. Lots of my colleagues swear up and down by Three Ring because of it's ease of use and the ability to share with parents. I will be blogging a bit about it in the coming weeks. It's worth a quick check.

    Honestly, if it were me, I would consider Evernote, Google Drive- if your students have Google accounts, or Three Ring.

    Hope that kind of helps!


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