Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Go Math vs My Math Technology Components HELP!

Calling ALL Teachers! 
Our school district will be leaving Saxon Math in one more year. I would like to pilot one of these Math Series and would like any input that I can get!
After 2 hours of rainy day investigating, I have formed many of my own opinions and would rank them as:
1st- Go Math
2nd- My Math
3rd- Everyday Math

Go Math and My Math both have great technology components, but would like your opinions if you currently use either of these Math Series or if you know someone who uses them. I started a conversation on my facebook page if you would like to add a comment there instead :)
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  1. We have used Every Day Math for several years, and I really like it. I love how it spirals and you are continually reviewing a skill over and over. In many series you learn about fractions in one chapter and never hear about them again. With EM, you see fractions over and over again, as well as many skills. That repeated practice is so good for kids. However, we didn't think they hit on the main facts as much as we felt they needed. So we also give our kids drill tests daily with a program from Otter Creek called Rocket Math. Now we are thinking that the edition that we have doesn't fit the common core as well as we need it to. One of our terrific Math teachers is looking into Go Math. She's also trying to see if she and I can pilot it this year. I'm so leary, because I have loved EM for so long.
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  2. We had Saxon Math that Spirals just like EM but I am so ready for a change! Thanks for the info! Will share it with my teacher friends!

  3. We started with Go Math this year. I was not as impressed with the technology component. The students were able to finish quickly and they were not excited about the games. We also use Ipads and it was not compatible. They have said that it will be next year. I really liked the spiraling that they used and the story problems with each assignment. The four pages of guided practice were tough to get through each day, and then the assignment on top of that, so shortened a lot of assignments. Also, they moved really fast - one day for subtraction with regrouping for my third graders was tough. We did not make it through all 12 chapters this year. That being said, I do think in a couple of years, it will be better. We have talked about doubling up on some chapters and teaching them simultaneously. For example - teaching multiplication and division as fact families. A couple of things that I really like were the differentiation in that there are several ways to solve a problem. That works really well for the ones who are struggling, but those who understand really struggle with having choices as to how to solve a problem. Other thoughts - don't get the manipulative packs. They are easily destroyed and we are using our old manipulatives already. I did not use the center pack much either. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have specific questions and I will try to answer.

    1. Thank you so much for your input! Great things to know! You have no idea how much I appreciate it! Love reading different perspectives!

  4. I've used EM for the last six years and I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT! This is a strong statement...but it is solid. My struggling math students continued to struggle with this series (I teach fourth grade) and it doesn't assess well.

    I've been teaching for 21 years and I can honestly say I have used just about every math series available...the EM is the worst. Try to explain to a parent why we've been learning about geometry for the last month, but there are only 5 geometry questions on the test...spiraling is great...but it is a nightmare to explain to parents and I spend a ridiculous amount of time explaining the program to parents. EM also encourages some questionable practices in teaching math...sadly. A few strategies taught in this series do nothing but confuse most learners. I spend a lot of class going back to "reteach" certain strategies that were much less confusing being taught the way learned them as kids. If you aren't a fan of lattice multiplication, you might know what I mean. (If you aren't a fan of this...try explaining it to parents who hate it!)

    My son's school district uses Go Math and we've really appreciated all the support offered for home with this series. The teachers who are using it like it and feel it aligns with CCSS well. There are great Smartboard resources (EM uses a Promethian format which is quite crappy) and they are retooling the games to be a bit more engaging. BTW, the EM games are ok, but they are actually quite similar to other programs out there. Nothing exceptional...they also have a small contingency of games that are compatible with iPads...but again, they aren't fabulous...just average.

    My husband's district also used Growing Math in the past and moved on to Go Math...they felt it was a bit more intuitive.

    From a parent's and teacher's perspective, I'd definitely go with Go Math. So much more support is available and it just covers skills better.

    1. Thank you for your detailed input! I can't wait to show all the thoughts to my teacher friends! I just found out today that I will be piloting Go Math for next year! I am so excited! I don't have to open those dreadful Saxon Math Boxes! I can give them away! Now only if GO Math comes in before school starts!

  5. I'm a curriculum director and spent hundreds of hours reviewing math programs. We came down to My Math and Go Math as our two favorites. We ended up choosing My Math. The technology component was light years ahead of Go Math. My Math is way more user friendly. The layout makes sense and you aren't searching for the most important components. I had to have the Go Math sales rep walk me through the online component several times and just never really got the hang of it (and I've run an online business before so I'm no tech rookie). My Math has awesome interactive whiteboard lessons that make life easy for teachers. They end with several differentiation resources so you can go straight in to helping students who need remediation or challenging those students who caught on and are ready for more. They have videos, games, and tutorials of teachers teaching every single lesson so if a student is absent it is easy for them to get caught up at home. The My Math website is way more intuitive than Go Math and everything is contained in one site instead of having to bounce around from site to site. Parents, students, and teachers have access to everything in one place where Go Math has one site for Go Math Academy (which they have just decided to start charging parents extra for) and another site for the rest of the program. 6th grade and up uses yet ANOTHER site which is frustrating for schools with k-6.

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