Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Transferring Blogs to Bloglovin'

Hi, it's Amanda here from Learning to the Core!  I wanted to pop over to one of my favorite blogs to share something I tried yesterday that was easy!

Did you hear the news?!!?  On Wednesday, July 1st Google Reader will cease to exist.  As far as I heard it was part of  "Google's Spring Cleaning."  Well, seeing as I log in almost each and every day...  (let's be honest it is more like several times each and every day!) to see my Google news feed and catch up on the blogs I follow...I didn't know exactly what I was going to do!

I had heard about Bloglovin' a few weeks ago but got overwhelmed so I just left it to the side.  Now, that Google has their official date set, I didn't want to loose all of the blogs I so enjoy following I thought now is the time to figure out how to transfer over all of my blogs to Bloglovin'

Here is the best part of this's easy, really easy to do!  Just follow a few steps below so you too can keep track of all of the blogs you follow now through Google and have a new newsfeed of them on Bloglovin'.

1. Go to Bloglovin’
Click here to go to Bloglovin'.
You can log in with Facebook or with an email address.

2. Sign up and wait for an email
Once you are signed up (it is quick and easy) they will send you an email to the address listed and confirm your account.  You will see a link in the email that says "You are nearly the link below."  

3. Click link and select to upload all blogs
After you click the link in your email you are given the option to upload all of the blogs you follow through Google.  

You can always "skip this" step and come back to it.

4. Import Blogs..wait
I am following 219 blogs (I didn't even know I was following that many!) and the import took less then 5 it is definitely worth it!

5. Explore
That's it.  Really.  Now you are all set.  Your blogs will be there and you can see them as a news feed the same way we have gotten used to with Google.  
When you change your settings you can decide if you want email daily or not.  

It truly was easy and is worth your time since Google Reader is soon going away.  You can also look for the button that looks like this on many blogs...this will allow you to follow that specific blog: 
 Follow on Bloglovin

Give it a try!  It is definitely worth it so you have all of your favorite blogs in one spot!  If you haven't already come on over to our blog to hear more about how we incorporate technology into our daily teaching of the common core!

Happy Wednesday!
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  2. I did it last week just by messing around. It was super easy and I'm glad I didn't have to find all my blogs one by one!

  3. This is awesome! I can't say that I used Google Reader a lot but I noticed that Bloglovin' has an app so now I can see reading my blogs all the time! Thanks so much for the tip!

  4. Thanks for such a great tutorial especially adding the screen shots. This is on my weekend to-do list. PINNING!!!

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars