Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Make a Scene App

Have you ever heard of the Make a Scene app? I learned about the apps after I visited Ms. Carnazzo's Class wikispace. I was reading about how she uses one iPad in the classroom and came upon this iLesson that caught my attention. She had her 2nd grade students create scenes representing multiplication problems using the app Farmyard Make a Scene and annotate their pictures using the Skitch app. I thought it was a very creative idea and decided to try it out with some sweet kinders to see what they thought.

The first thing I did was explain the app and let them explore it for a bit. Always allow students time to explore a new app! I consider apps just like I do math manipulatives. Students need time to "touch and play" before the lesson. While students are exploring you will probably want them to wear headphones or turn the volume down! The objects in the app make noise! LOTS OF NOISE! After a while of hearing "Spotty Pig" and "OINK, OINK" coming from all directions; volume control is a must. Once the exploration was over we began to work on some addition word problems.  Students then saved their scene to the camera roll and transferred it to the Educreations app. Using this app allowed students to explain their scene in a little more detail and write down their math problem.

The lesson was such a success with the kids that I had to add these three apps to my core list for our district's iPad carts. It also got me thinking about other ways I could use the Make a Scene app. I came up with so many skills and concepts that can be taught and I am sure that I have only scratched the surface! If you would like to learn how to use these apps click on my blog button below for my "how-to" screenshots and some of the ideas I came up with of how to use these apps in the classroom. What do you think? What ways could you see using the Make a Scene app in the classroom?

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