Friday, June 28, 2013

iPads in Special Education and K-6

This summer has been CRAZY for me.  I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing educators through almost a dozen workshops the past three weeks.  Luckily for you, my craziness means an amazing  resource for you!!!  I have searched the web, blogs, and iTunes stores and found some amazing resources.  These hours upon hours of research have resulted in a huge compilation of the best of the best in the iPad world. Click on the pictures below to get to all of my resources for iPads in the Special Education Classroom and iPads in the K-6 Classroom.  Note that these are two separate collections so you will need to open both links to get to all of the goods!  As always, please let me know if you have any other amazing resources that I have overlooked!


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  1. Leah,

    Thanks for posting these to technology tailgate! I can't wait to go through them! I appreciate all of the time and effort spent to share out the great things you've learned!

    Your fellow Tech Tailgate Coach,


  2. Thanks for the link. It's nice that's it's free. Well, I wanna take this opportunity to ask if you have any idea of the best k-6 tutoring club? I'm badly looking for them.