Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bill Nye the Science Guy! A new FREE app!

Remember Bill Nye?  I sure do!  It was 20 years ago this fall that Bill Nye first came to our t.v. screens- that is so hard to believe! (Almost as much as Junie B. Jones being in her 20's as well!)  Anyhow, I just learned that Disney has came out with a Bill Nye app!  I LOVE it!  The best part of all is that it is a free app!  :-)

Click here to go straight to the App Store to download the latest and greatest Bill Nye!

I've included a few pictures to help you get an idea of the app itself!

You must purchase this section to watch apps from your favorite show.

Science Rules!

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  1. Ok...I'm so checking this one out Leah! Science does rule!

  2. I loved Bill Nye as a kid and I know my students are going to love this too1 Thanks for sharing. Amber @ The Teacher Life

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