Sunday, May 5, 2013

Using Explain Everything App to Make Butterfly Life Cycle Video

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I have always been a fan of the app Explain Everything but we tend to use StoryBuddy 2 and Educreations in my class because they are simpler to use for my Kindergarten kids. The only bad thing about Explain Everything is that it can do so much I think it is a little overwhelming. Now that my kids have had a lot of experience using apps to create stories I think they are ready for some more advanced options. The last few weeks of school I plan to let them decide which tool to use for the books we are creating and next year I plan to make that transition earlier in the year. So this week we made a video during large group to show the life cycle of a butterfly (video above.) I plan to make a few more examples with the class next week before letting them loose to create in the app themselves.
These are the main features I pointed out to my class as we made the video...
The black arrow is how you add text. Pink arrow is how to add the image (more about that below.) The Green arrow is for recording the audio. Orange arrow is for adding pages and the Blue arrow is how to switch between pages.
When you click the add media button here are the options you get. My class will be using the first icon (existing photos/videos) but as you see there are several other options.
The last step is saving the finished video to the camera roll. Again as you can see there are several other options including Dropbox, Drive, Evernote and even YouTube.
Images for the story came directly from a google image search. Saving images from a search is very easy with the iPad, simply hold your finger on the image for a second and release and you should see the "save image" option. The image is saved to your photos (camera roll)
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