Friday, May 31, 2013

Creative Book Builder

Hi, it's Alison Whiteley over at Toad-ally Exceptional Learners. Next year, I"m going paperless. Or as much as I can. The first decision I've made is to get rid of my student's reading notebooks. I hate hauling them everywhere--from classroom meeting to parent/teacher conferences. Its just to much. I see using Creative Book Builder as a way to build in authentic learning using technology that targets critical thinking and bravely and boldly  towards highers levels of SAMR.

Each reading comprehension strategy will be its own chapter. Here students will build on the learning targets and essential questions to demonstrate how they will provide they understand and can apply the strategy through the use of other apps like PicCollage and embedded videos. Creative Book Builder (CBB) was one of the first Apps I worked with that demonstrates how students and teachers could create and publish on their iPad. It has so many applications for students:
  • Project based learning or collaborative work
  • Writing, publishing and presenting
  • Summative assessment of a topic being studied 
  • Making written work accessible to students with diverse needs

Stop by and see how I develop my example over the summer.

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