Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Behavior Management Goes Digital

Classroom management is something that as teachers we are constantly changing.  We are adding new tricks to our bags based on new experiences.   Things that motivated students one year might not work the next year and vice-versa.  Each year as we get a new group of children we need to adjust to meet their needs in many ways.

Technology allows teachers to change their instruction to increase engagement and now technology is also allowing us to change our management system in a very similar way by increasing motivation.

In the past I used a card system for my behavior management.  Students started their day on "green" and if they had a problem they would move their card to "yellow."  If the problem persisted they would then move their card to "red."  As the year has progressed I saw that many of my students were no longer effected by the colored card system so I changed what I was doing.

I heard about Class Dojo and was immediately intrigued.  Signing-up was quick and easy so I got started right away!

Class Dojo gives each student an avatar that they can later redesign.
I can award students with points when they do something positive.
 I can also take off points if a child is struggling.
All of the behaviors are able to be customized to meet the needs of your classroom.   Once students have been given points you are able to access graphs (as well as share them with parents) to see how individual students or your class as a whole is doing.

Graphs are easy to read and give great data.

Class Dojo has been a fun addition to our classroom and to be honest I do not know who enjoys it students or me!  

If you haven't already checked out Class Dojo I highly suggest giving it a try.  In our school,  many grade levels have tried Class Dojo from kindergarten to fifth grade-I have heard lots of positive feedback from all grade levels that have tried it.

To read more specifics about how I use Class Dojo in my classroom as well as how I have gotten parents more involved with their children's behavior in school please click here!

For more ways to use technology in your classroom and other great ideas come visit Learning to the Core by clicking the button below! 

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. This looks like such a great tool. Thinking about trying it next year. Thanks for the great explanation!

    iTeach 1:1

  2. We have used DOJO all year and love it! The students and their parents do also. They really work for a high class percentage.

  3. We Love Class Dojo!! Great tool! Kids love to get points.. it also helps with attendance and kids being tardy! (They can earn a point for being there, on time!)

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