Monday, May 13, 2013

Applify Your Learning: Layering Your Apps

Applify your student’s learning by layering your apps. Utilizing multiple apps to create a final project is a great way to enhance student knowledge and creativity! One of my teachers jumped at this idea for a project with her 5th grade students. For this assignment, students researched a specific scientist, downloaded a picture, created a Wordfoto, (Turns Your Photos and Words into Stunning Works of Art - $) and inserted the Wordfoto into the Phoster app. (Make your own poster $) Then the students inserted the Phoster as the background image for a Tellagami project (Free). Check out the below example as well as these student project examples. 


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  1. I love layering apps with my kids! Never heard of the Tellagami app. Thanks for sharing! The kids did a great job!