Saturday, May 18, 2013

Animal Facts Literacy Center with Free Zoo Apps

by Matt Gomez. You can connect with me on my blog mattBgomez.comTwitterFacebook or Pinterest.
There are three different ABCmouse Zoo apps and they are all FREE. Each one covers five different animals. You can download set 1 hereset 2 here and set 3 here. We have been using this app to write animal the animal facts in a literacy center (pictured above). If you would like to use the same sheet I used you can download the PDF file here or the Microsoft Word file here. When the kids visit an animal in the app the screen below will appear  and all they need to do it touch the screen for the zookeeper to start sharing facts about the animal. What I really like about the app is the "show fact" feature, when they click on that the screen will change to show the words as they are read to them (second image below.) The last cool feature of the app is there is a quiz option that my class loves! All they have to do is click "quiz me" and the quiz starts (third image below.)
image (1)
image (2)
image (3)
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