Thursday, April 11, 2013


No, I didn't mean WooHoo. is a site I just learned about thanks to Kathy Schrock at the FETC conference today. She says that she now uses this site instead of Google forms. I really can't wait to try it out. Are any of you familiar with the site?  How do you use it? Do you like it better than Google forms?  Please leave a comment so we can all learn about this great new resource. I plan to use it to create an end of the year survey for the staff at my school. I am the tech specialist, so I want to get their input on how they feel things went this year and what I can do a better job of next year to support their technology needs. This site is owned by Survey Monkey, which I love also but I'm hoping this will be even better. There are many different options for accounts, I have the free one. Kathy talked about that one and it seemed to work fine for her. I'd be intersted to hear if anyone has purchased an upgrade and if you feel it was worth it. Don't forget to leave a comment.

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