Friday, April 19, 2013

Wonderful FREE Printable Posters/Signs for Your Classroom

If you have yet to discover you are missing out. She is beyond awesome and I love her posters. She has graciously allowed teachers to use and print her posters. Just to be on the safe side I contacted her for permission and she said, "Yes Indeed!". 

Krissy Venosdale

I love the messages on the posters and the color schemes. She also has some great information on teaching Gifted students and STEM. I also love her Pinterest page!!

Here are a few examples as she has tons and I mean that!!


I hope you enjoy the work of Krissy Venosdale!

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  1. It's awesome - thanks so much for sharing. I've just spent a ton of time wandering around her blog and wishing I'd found it sooner!! I am definitely going to put up some of these posters - and some of the many others that are there :)

    Fun in the Fours

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