Thursday, April 11, 2013

Technology Smackdown and Project Glass

Hi, it's Melanie from I Luv Twek. I am attending the FETC virtual conference today. WOW! Click HERE to register and Click HERE to log-in; it will last until late this afternoon, 5:00 E.T. The Technology Smackdown was amazing. One of my "online heroes" Kathy Schrock was one of the presenters. She was awesome! I've got a page full of notes and new apps, websites, etc. that I can't wait to explore. It is so neat to me that I am sitting at my school in Alabama and attending a conference in Orange County, FL.  Technology is just amazing isn't it? And when you think you're on top of everything, you attend a conference like this and learn about all the new things that are the latest and greatest. It truly reminds you not to get behind - we've always got to be learning because technology is changing on a daily basis. A couple of things that I was just blown away by:  INFUSELEARNING shared by Kathy.  A free site to use with BYOD. You can create quizzes, have students answer using their devices, create reports on results, and even create a PDF with the results. I can't wait to explore this one more!  Also, FUR.LY lets you create a short URL to share a list of links. And have you heard of Google Glass??  I hadn't until today at the conference. WOW! Click HERE for the official site and then google "project glass" for all the info. you want and then some. Sure wish I'd known about it in time to apply for the free trial. I heard they will be about $1500.00 - yikes that is expensive. The ipad session has been interesting - I really learned a lot about evaluating apps for educational purposes. I'm looking forward to the last session I will get to attend: Promising Technologies: 25 ideas to take away. Here is a LINK to the on-demand sessions from January. They are trying to fix the Edmodo codes for the resources - they are currently not working.  I'll post a comment when they get them fixed. I hope everyone will have a chance to listen to a session - whether live or on-demand. What is something neat you learned? Share a comment and let us all know!

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