Sunday, April 21, 2013

Summer Homework on Google Maps

View Travel Map - Raki Family in a larger map

 I use Google apps for lots of things, but I’ve never really played with Google Maps until recently.  I made a map with my 8 year old son, charting out all of the places we have traveled (see above).  This summer, we will be traveling around the US and he can’t wait to see where we can add “pins”.  This got me thinking that it would be a great summer homework prSummer Experience Scavenger Hunt - Freeoject.  Have families create a Google Map with at least one pin a week indicating where they have been.  (For students who stay close to home, the pins could be as simple as the supermarket or the library.)  It would go great with the summer scavenger hunt that I usually send home.  (Download the summer scavenger hunt free at my blog – Raki’s Rad Resources.)

My students are studying Ancient Rome and we will be creating a Google Map of places where you can find evidence of the Roman Empire.  For a step by step tutorial and more education ideas, stop by my blog – Raki’s Rad Resources.


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