Thursday, April 11, 2013

Popplet App for Brainstorming Writing Ideas

I am always excited to try something new out in my classroom with my students to keep them excited about learning.  I recently tried out a free app called Popplet Lite- it can be used in so many different ways, but for now we have just been using it as a brainstorming tool prior to our writing journals. The students love this app just as much as I do because they can write on it, draw and connect their ideas. All they have to do to use this app is tap the screen twice and a little box pops up; they can then choose to write, draw, do both or even take a picture. At this time, I'm just having my students write one word and draw a picture to match since they are doing their sentence writing in their journals.

After getting their ideas down on their Popplet, my students then bring their iPads to the table to start their writing- they use the Popplet they created as a reference to make sure they include all their details. They do a great job referring back to their Popplet for their ideas because sometimes they have already forgotten while they are drawing their pictures!

In the future I plan to use this as a reading response activity where they choose a character from the story, put that character's name in the middle of their Popplet and then add adjectives, character traits, etc around the character's name. I think the options are endless with this free app, so hope you can think of a way to use it with your students too!

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