Monday, April 29, 2013

History by the E-book

I am pleased to share another amazingly creative student-led project from Tanna Fiske's class at Hill Country Middle School in collaboration with Ms. Crowley's and Ms. Root's Bridge Point third grade classes. 8th grade students composed books using the Book Creator and Scrap Pad apps based on historical topics covered this year. The books took on a familiar repetitive children's storybook theme to make the concepts easier to digest and comprehend for their 3rd grade audience. Once the framework of the book was set, 8th grade students used a Google Doc to provide Bridge Point 3rd grade students with a list of images they would need to complete the book. On the day of the field trip, the whole project really came together.

The two videos below will give you a better idea of how the project was achieved and what the final ePub looked like.

If you are interested in what other digital delights are being cooked up by Fiske's class iClassroom, visit their blog. Additionally, the Bridge Point iVenger, Marianna Husain, has been dishing out campus iLearning successes on the Bridge Point elementary blog. It is a delightful read and will surely present you with some iRecipes to use in your own iClassroom. And what do you know? You are in for a real treat... the ePubs are now available for you to download and thoroughly digest!
Fiske's History ePub Collaborative Project

Want more examples of student publishing in the iClassroom... download the "Student-Created Books" iTunes U course.  Visit the Pinterest board of 950+!

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