Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dadsworksheets.com and Differentiated Instruction

Thank you to DadsWorksheets.com for providing a VARIETY of math practice sheets! This website has been a great resource for practicing Math Common Core Standards. The Fact Family 100 math fact sheets have been very helpful for differentiated fact instruction/practice. 
We currently use Saxon Math. Next year, we will start looking at different math series so PLEASE, PLEASE leave a comment if you LOVE your math series! I'd love to check it out!
 I like the tricks (9s trick, Doubles, Doubles Plus 1) that Saxon uses to teach facts, but even after learning and practicing the same tricks year after year students still do not know their  math facts. There are some students who never understand Doubles Plus 1! At the beginning of the year, we try a variety of strategies (along with Saxon) to find out what works best for each individual student. Examples:
Touch Math, Number lines, Number ladders, Manipulatives, Flashcards, Charts, Games, Fact Apps on iPods etc. 
I even tried the Rocket Math Program a few years ago, but was unsuccessful implementing it.
After Christmas, it's TIME to MEMORIZE FACTS! For the last two years, I have taken the OLD SCHOOL route! Students practice, practice, practice, and practice 100 math fact sheets! 
Guess what?
It is working for many students!
YELLOW is addition. 
PINK is subtraction.

Fridays are Assessment Days. 
The charts show results for each Friday!

2nd graders complete either 100 addition or 100 subtraction math facts dittos in 5 minutes at school each day and for homework each night! The students love the different online stopwatches that we use on the Smart Board to time them for 5 minutes. 

Goal- I set a goal that students must either earn 3 100% in a row or show a consistent score at 90% or above for 4-5 weeks before they are able to move to the next operation.   
I am so proud to share that many of my students will switch to a 100 MIX of addition and subtraction today! (Not all) They will chart their progress in blue on the chart below. 

 Please leave a comment if you have any great ideas to help with math facts! 
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  1. We switched to Math in Focus Singapore Math Program this year for grades P-2 and we use The Primary Mathematics Singapore Program in grades 3-5. I love the Singapore strategies etc. The Math in Focus program is SO much more teacher/student friendly than the traditional Primary Math. program, but teaches the same Singapore strategies. I use the Xtra Math program (free online program) to help with fact memorization. It works well for most of my kids- some were stressed about it in the beginning but I think it was due to the time limit being something so new. Many of my 1st graders don't have the keyboarding skills to type the numbers fast enough, so I suggest that an adult type for them and they just say the number (especially for the section called Beat the Teacher).