Sunday, April 7, 2013

Create Your Own QR Codes

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A quick search of Technology Tailgate yields several activities utilizing QR codes.

They are everywhere- from junk mail to Pepsi cups. They can be spotted ALL OVER! Now that I mentioned this, I guarantee you will begin seeing them even more.... just wait :)

A few weeks ago, I shared the following freebie over on my blog. I used this activity as a quick review for 2 digit addition and subtraction with or without regrouping. Feel free to download and enjoy!

After posting it, I had a few emails and questions from friends about how they might create their own QR codes. I ran a quick search and I didn't find very many tutorials on how to actually create different types of QR codes, so I made my own.

Farrah posted a great post on Getting Started with QR Codes here. Check it out for an easy way to add plain text to your codes.

When you are ready to add something more to your codes, swing by my blog for a video tutorial on adding webpages, YouTube videos, and documents- images, PDFs, PowerPoint slides- from Google Drive to a QR code.

Purely Paperless

Once you discover how easy it is, the options for use in the classroom and, quite literally, limitless.

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  1. I just created a couple of QR activities for my kids. One was just being able to identify and analyze what they are seeing (video, photos, text) The other one is a for Earth Day. So far the kids love them. Teachers are confused foreign to them. We got some learning to do.

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