Thursday, April 4, 2013

Computer Literacy Center Idea

I stumbled upon this great website called yesterday. It is amazing - and I can only imagine how amazing the full paid version is. I love Beatrix Potter, so the Peter Rabbit picture caught my eye right away. There are six different stories by Potter. The pictures are true to the original stories but the stories are re-told so they are slightly different. I originally thought it would be great to let students listen to the story and then do an AR test, but this won't work due to certain details missing. This would  be a great way to use the computer as a  listening center for students. The stories are read to them and the voice is interesting, not monotone. The words are highlighted as they are read. Students could listen to each one and do a follow up by drawing a picture of their favorite part, writing about their favorite part, almost any activity like this would do. There are also some great artist stories and the cutest book of babies that has background classical music playing. One of the art books has a puzzle of the painting and classical music playing in the background. I haven't even looked at all the stuff available yet and I am just so impressed. Does anyone have the paid version? How have I not heard about this site? There are even stories with follow up activities. The Easter story has a follow up word match with picture activity. I also found a new site called QUIZDINI that lets you create quizzes and share with a link. You could create a quiz for each story and have the kids take the quiz. This would be great for older kids. I've seen these quizzes shared on Edmodo lately, too. It might be great to work with your grade level team to share the work load of creating the quizzes and then share them with each other on Edmodo. So I hope you will all check out MIGHTYBOOK.COM  and let me know what ideas you have for using it in your classroom! 
Here are some links to help you with follow-up activities for Peter Rabbit
I did not know there was a new book called The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit! Wow! 
There are also come great listening center resources and Peter Rabbit resources at TpT - some of them are even free! 

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