Wednesday, April 10, 2013

40+ iPad Lessons and Resources for Primary Grades Sorted by Subject

by Matt Gomez. You can connect with me on my blog, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. 
General Suggestions:
Apps We Use in Kindergarten
The $10 iPad setup (and $20 iPad setup) including many FREE app suggestions

Making books with StoryBuddy2
My 22 Favorite Storytelling Apps
Storytelling... Minus the Writing
Storybuddy 2 App- Making Books
Fun with Toontastic
Sock Puppets
Felt Board App

10 Great Math Apps
More Number Exploration
Geoboard app
Decomposing Numbers
Brown Bear, Brown Bear Sequencing
Math Problems with Educreations
Equal Parts Math Activity
Addition with the iPad
New Math Apps

Practicing Adjectives with Popplet App
Skitch: Must have FREE app
Documenting Reading and Writing
Literacy Center with Flashcard App
Literacy Center with Sentence Builder
More Apps For Letter ID and Letter Sounds
Popplet App- Graphic Organizer and More
Handwriting Practice with Apps
Awesome Flashcard App
New Literacy Apps
Handwriting Without Tears App

Science/Social Studies
Documenting Weather
Learning about Martin Luther King Jr
Wondering About Islands
Martin Luther King Lesson with Skitch
Learning About Penguins with Science apps

iPad Tips/Management
Introducing Apps to the Class
Turning A Website Into An App Icon
Puffin App- Using Flash Website on the iPad
iPad Headphones
Regulating Yelling with an App Pin It

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