Friday, March 8, 2013

We Transfer

Hi everyone this is Kristen Hernandez from Teacher Playground.
My new technology love is!

Do you ever have a file you need to send to someone, but your email will not allow you to send it due to the size? Normally I upload it to my Google Drive or Dropbox account and send the link, but now I don't have to do that. It is very easy and it arrives is each person's mailbox within minutes.

A simple app that allows you to send files to anyone with an email address for free. Unlike most other file transfer services, you can send files up to 2GB in size and you don’t need to sign up to do so.

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  1. How coincidental that Laura Candler led me to your site just now through her newsletter. I JUST had to send a document through google drive because it was too large. Why didn't I read her newsletter first! I am obviously your newest follower now!!

    Thanks for the great advice,
    My Journey to 5th Grade

  2. Stevenson sent a family rep and the same staff were with my belongings from one state to the other. I also didn't have to pay for a shuttle. airport sunshine coast