Monday, March 4, 2013

Turn your iPad into a Document Camera

By Leah Fullenkamp

The iPad is becoming a more powerful tool everyday.  This past weekend I presented "iPad Apps In and Out of the Classroom.  Though all of my research, I found a YouTube video talking about how to build your own PVC iPad holder essentially turning your iPad into a document camera. 

I sent these directions to our awesome industrial tech teacher and a mere $7.00 and 15 minutes later we had our very own stand.  I found however that I wasn't a big fan of having to take the iPad out of the case and sliding it into the pvc pipe.  So we created the model below.  In our version the iPad just sits on the pipe, we are still in the design stage, but it has been amazing!

To get the full document camera experience, you will need to have the Apple 30-pin to VGA Adaptor and a projector.  Epson now offers several projectors that connect to your iPad through bluetooth that may be worth looking into if you are purchasing a new projector.

I use this with the app Stage, which is free on iTunes.  This app allows you to write and label your image much as a SMART board would do.  It is a very basic app but very powerful!

I hope you find this helpful!  Do you have any other innovative iPad solutions that you would like to share?  I would LOVE to hear them!  

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  1. Awesome! You should market this when you get it perfected! Great idea!

  2. This is fabulous....I will share this

  3. We use a program/app called air server. It projects whatever is on your ipad without a VGA adaptor. No cords at all. This stand will work so well for me! Thanks!!

  4. We use AppleTV at our school to hook up to our projectors. No cords. I've been thinking about making a stand so I can use my ipad as a doc camera. Love your tips!

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