Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Best Handwriting Apps!

By Leah Fullenkamp

Handwriting is so important to me!  I believe that students really need to have those foundational skills and fine motor coordination for, well, everything!  My daughter, who just turned four, is really starting to dive into the handwriting adventure.  I purchased a stylus and we were set!  I must say the apps out there for handwriting are varied- some are amazing but many leave a lot to be desired!  I think I have downloaded and tried basically every single app on the market- so this post is to save you that time and money!  Here is the quick overview of the review- if you want the full report, check it out here!

I've narrowed it down to three different apps instead of just one because they each have their strengths and are appropriate for different ages and stages.  The first app-Letter School- is for beginners- those just learning what letters are and what they look like.  This app has everything!  It is my favorite (and more importantly my daughters!)

For intermediate learners, I recommend iTrace.  I trace is awesome for in the classroom!  This app has the history feature that allows you to see the letters that they have written and where they made mistakes or successes.  You can practice uppercase, lowercase, numbers, words, and your name!  This if for the learners that are really focusing on the formation and it isn't nearly as flashy but would be perfect for those who already recognize and know their letters.

For advanced learners, Wet, Dry, Try is the best. This is the companion app to the Handwriting Without Tears program- it is awesome for scaffolding!  The first time you do it with a wet cloth, the second time you use a dry rag and the final time you do it with chalk.  This app is very picky about your letter formation.  You must do it very well for it to be counted correct.  The added bonus feature of this app is the ability to use the Handwriting without Tears letter order.

Interested in the full review with pictures and demonstrations?  Check it out here!  Do you have any other handwriting apps that you love?  I can't wait to hear!  Thanks!!!

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