Sunday, March 3, 2013

Michigan's Technology Conference: MACUL

MACUL 2013

I'm so excited to be one of the featured speakers at this year's conference.  If you're interested in attending, there is still time to register.  Just because the event is in Michigan, doesn't mean you can't attend if you don't live here.  Many people travel from all over just to be a part of this amazing experience.  

Presenters come from all over the country to share their ideas with the attendees.  Each year I attend, I always walk away so inspired.  There are so many teachers sharing what they're doing in their classrooms, that it makes it easy to take the ideas directly back to your own practice.

I've recently posted a few tips for attending the conference.  You can also find information on how to register and see more about the presenters and sessions.  

{click here to read the full post and see some great tips for attending conferences}

Bonus: great Twitter resources shared, too!

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  1. Kevin Honeycutt is a stupendous guy! Lucky!

  2. He is great! I'm excited to hear him.