Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mentor Mob in the Technology Center

Greetings Techie-Teacher Friends,

I know that many of you may already use MentorMob and I have seen others on this blog extoll it's virtues. In case you missed the MentorMob train- check it out on my blog.

I had a few teacher friends that were unsure about how to add these awesome playlists directly to their blogs, so I thought that I would put a quick image tutorial up because, honestly, this is an excellent way to manage your technology center in the classroom.

So, without further ado:

To get started, create a Mentormob playlist. From your account screen, you will need to select the playlist that you would like to embed in your blog. For this tutorial, I selected the compound word playlist.

Once you select and launch the selected playlist, you will see a "Share" icon on the Mentormob screen. Click the share button.

Once you have clicked on the share button, you will have a variety of ways to share your Mentormob playlist. For this activity, you will want to choose the embed option. Copy the HTML code to your clipboard.

After you have copied the HTML code to your clipboard, open your blogger screen and create a new post.... this is the most important part. On the post composer screen, you will need to click the button that says "HTML," once you have done that you can just copy and paste the code into the screen. To see what it is going to look like upon publication, simply click back to the compose screen.

For more information on how to create Mentormob playlists and use this great tool in your classroom, visit my blog by clicking the button below!

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