Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Handwriting Practice With Apps

by Matt Gomez. You can connect with me on my blog mattBgomez.comTwitterFacebook or Pinterest.
The iPad has many uses in my class but the area I feel it helps the most is with kids that are struggling. Typically when kids struggle in an area it is also something they do not like to do. Makes sense right? They don't enjoy it or don't have the confidence to try so they avoid doing it. That lack of practice compounds the issue. Handwriting is certainly one of those areas.  So we all try to find creative and fun ways to get hose kids to practice their skills... enter the iPad. Today my kids that need writing practice were eager to use the iPad to work on those skills and it reminded me how valuable this tool can be. When working on writing skills I typically have the kids use this stylus but not always. I see value in them writing with their finger at times too.

Here are a few apps I have used for handwriting (please tell me your favorites)

Intro to Letters (pictured above)
Touch and Write - allows kids to "write" with pudding, ketchup, paint etc. So fun!
Wet Dry Try by HWT ( I wrote an app review here on this one) - pictured below

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