Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gynzy's New Alphabet Tool

I could not be more excited this morning!!!  There is a new alphabet tool on the Gynzy website that I kinda helped design - just a little bit! If you haven't heard of  it, Gnyzy is an amazing website that has different tools for your Smartboard, or any interactive board. They have some amazing tools to use with your board - a sink/float activity, an interactive birthday cake, a tool for using your webcam as a document camera, math games, hangman, I could go on and on. You have to check it out HERE.  So, they asked for feedback and I sent them an email that an alphabet tool would be really nice - one with the letters at the bottom that you could use for Making Words activities, or alphabetical order. I also said it would be nice if the consonants could be one color and vowels another. And a few other things I thought of. That was several months ago and this morning I get an email that my tool is ready. AND WOW!!  It is amazing! I can't wait to hit the kindergarten and first grade classrooms to do some activities with this amazing tool! A big shoutout to the folks at Gynzy for listening and giving us teachers a real tool we can use!!!  Thanks Gynzy!  Check out the alphabet tool HERE.   You do have to register - and right now it is free. I still can't get over this!!!  I'm so excited to use this tool with my students!  Please give it a try, and let me know what you think in the comments. How are you using the alphabet tool with your students? 

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