Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Interactive Activities

Easter is just around the corner so here are some great interactive activities to check out!

Easter Collection
 This site has SO many cute resources to choose from such as flashcards, templates, PowerPoints, and interactive games. You will need to setup an account to download the resources but it's FREE! I always like to visit this site for interactive games to use on the whiteboard...they do have tons. For the primary grades, the Egg Patchwork activity is a fun one to try out.

Egg Patchwork

Sheppard Software is always my go-to website because it really does have fabulous games. The students can interact with the Easter Egg Hunt or other spring activities listed on the site. 

Sheppard Software


Primary Games also has a complete list of Easter and Spring games students could play during center or computer time. Some of them are purely just for fun so I would recommend showing them the games that focus more on a concept.

Primary Games

Other sites to check out....


A Kid's Heart 

Hope you enjoy the activities...makes me excited for spring!
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