Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Technology Take on the KWL

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Soaring Through Second

We've been busy busy busy learning all about forces & motion! I ran out of time in the day (SHOCKING- I know!) to fit everything in, so we've been doing science and writing together. And we've had SO much fun learning about forces, speed, gravity, pushes, pulls, and ramps- you name it, we're learning about it! 

"To make it move you can lift the noodle up" 

We used the app Skitch here (it's FREE) to label and predict!

I wanted to start the unit out with the good old KWL chart, but instead of having me create it, the students did using Wallwisher- now Padlet- which allows you to create a virtual "wall" for stickies! I created three walls- one for K, one for W, and one for L. The kids came in, scanned the QR code which took them to the wall, and they posted using a sentence frame. 

This is what our KWL chart ended up looking like: 

They LOVED this because they could see what everyone else was posting in real time, and got new ideas from everyone else's stickies. Plus it's interactive, rather than having them watch me write their ideas on the chart! 

Now when the parents come in for Open House, they can scan each section and see what we've been working on and learning! 

How do you do the KWL with a technology twist...? 

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