Thursday, February 28, 2013

Technology-based Classroom Assessments- Rubrics

With the advent of the new Common Core State Standards, my grading practices look a bit different this year than they have in the past. 

For many of the ELA standards, I have found that one of the best ways to assess my students is to utilize rubrics. I have created a few for guided reading groups over the course of the year, but I hate adding one more page to yet another binder.


If you are familiar with rubistar, it has a similar layout. What I love about Forallrubrics is the ability to grade, score, store, and access student data from directly within the program. They also have a pretty sweet iPad app for educators. The program is currently free for teachers and it is definitely worth the time to head on over and check out their offerings. 

For more information about how I will be using this app in my classroom, check out my blog at Purely Paperless.

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